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The College Park Neighborhood Association 15th Annual Historic Homes Tour, 2005

A recent historic resources study of College Park showed substantially fewer historic buildings than in 2001, in part, we believe because the current real estate boom has accelerated inappropriate exterior alterations and the demolition of older homes. Thus CPNA’s Historical Committee is placing emphasis on historic architecture and compatible rehabilitation.

The committee selected examples from areas of College Park already recognized as eligible for the non-regulatory, non-restrictive National Register of Historic Places. Two of the houses are City of Orlando Historic Landmarks and thus subject to protective regulation.

To best implement our themes, we began the brochure with Eastin Avenue. We encourage you to start the tour wherever you like.

The property at 1327 Eastin was designated an Orlando Historic Landmark, significant for architecture and history, at the request of its 36 year owners, who wanted to preserve the house and the spacious yard that adds to its integrity. You may have seen the house on film. Its actual front facade and a “Hollywood” interior were shown as Helen’s house in Parenthood.

The bungalow and garage were constructed in 1926 by noted builder of fine homes Joseph Woodnick for James W. Fitzgerald, secretary of the McCormick-Hannah Building Supply Co.: millwork, lumber, hardware. The carved rafter tails are of the highest quality; the dragon downspouts are unusual, the gabled front porch roof has a graceful arched underside. The house includes Colonial Revival elements – paneled wood door flanked by lead glass sidelights, a small entry porch, a symmetrical facade and flanking wings at each end. The bungalow also has Craftsman style features….

Introductory excerpt from:

College Park Neighborhood Association 15th Annual Historic Homes Tour, November 20, 2005 (View document.)

Houses addresses included in the tour:

1. 1327 Eastin Avenue

2. 1314 Eastin Avenue

3. 1318 Eastin Avenue

4. 1322 Eastin Avenue

5. 610 Greely Street

6. 416 Sheridan Boulevard

7. 419 Sheridan Boulevard

8. 1300 Ivanhoe Boulevard

9. 324 Desoto Circle

10. 1522 Charlotte Lane

11. 1418 Clouser Avenue

12. 600 Dartmouth Street

13. 529 Dartmouth Street

Also mentioned 1920’s street names: Charlotte Avenue, Edwards Avenue, and Harold Avenue.

Notable people mentioned include: G. W. Beckwith, Nellie Benham, E.M. Carey, Frank N. Cline, Daniel and Margarite Clouser, H. Carl Dann, William J. and Jennie Doerr, Jessie Doerr, Robert M. Dyer, James W. Fitzgerald, Robert Fox, Charlotte and Edward Harold Frerking, C. M. Gay, Joe Guernsey, Grace Hagedorn, P.A. Horn, Annette King, Eric W. Lagerroth, Jennie Lagerroth, Minnie and Arch MacCallum, Sean MacInnes, Dr. Elijah Martin, William E. Martin, Tana Porter, Harold and Annetta Raymond, Rick Reinhardt, Lizzie Ricker, Jodi Rubin, M. L. Smith, Sam Stoltz, Charlie Sum, Barbara and Cliff Sutton, W. H. Waterman, Peter Wittenstein, and Joseph Woodnick.

Document courtesy of the College Park Neighborhood Association Historical Committee.


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