Osceola County Library Service
The Osceola County Library began in 1914 when a group of Kissimmee ladies donated $52 each to fund a library. Using their donations along with additional funds collected from other citizens, the Hart Memorial Public Library was built. For over twenty ... Read more
Library Calendars 1970s-1990s
Monthly calendars distributed with the Friends of the Library Newsletter provided information on events at the Orlando Public Library and branch locations in Orange and Osceola counties. The Calendar varied in paper size and color and font type and si ... Read more
Albertson Public Library Accession Books
ACCESSION BOOKS Prior to the advent of computers all the books in a library were recorded in large books called accession books. The original accession books from the Albertson Public Library still exist. They contain entries for every book added ... Read more
OCLS Home Delivery - BBM to MAYL
OCLS Home Delivery by Jim Myers Photo used to promote the new Books by Mail program. BBM - Books By Mail The OCLS books-by-mail program (BBM) was initiated in 1974.  At the time, the Library’s presence in Orange County consisted of th ... Read more
The Children's Library Through the Years
The Children's Library in Downtown Orlando The Albertson Public Library 1923 - 1964 When the Albertson Public Library opened on November 8, 1923, the Children's Room was located on the ground floor or basement on the east side of t ... Read more
Library Storytellers Through the Years
ABOVE: Photo of Children's Library staff in the basement around 1994. Standing: Gregg Gronlund, Charlie Hoeck, and Christi Cohen. Sitting: Crystal Sullivan, Stefani Koorey, Sue Wright, Carolyn Rosenblum, and Jane Tracy.  Storytime at the Library Stor ... Read more
OPL Expansion Plans and Construction Photos 1982-1985
ABOVE: April 20, 1983, looking Northeast with the 1966 OPL in the top right corner. Expansion of the 60,000 square foot 1966 Orlando Public Library was planned even before it opened on August 7, 1966, however, the people of Orlando probably didn't think i ... Read more
Dorothy Field - Library Director 1995-2001
Dorothy W. Field – Library Director 1995-2001 Olive Brumbaugh was the first director of the Albertson Public Library, serving from 1923-1943, followed by Clara Wendel who served as director of the Albertson then the Orlando Public Library from 1943 ... Read more
South Trail: Through The Years
South Trail: Through The Years The South Trail branch's history spans almost six decades. First opening in April 1965, the South Trail branch has undergone many changes since then. Fort Gatlin Branch The South Trail branch's original name was Fort Gatlin, ... Read more
Books and Beyond 2000-2004
Books and Beyond Early publications of the Orange County Library System and the Friends of the Library include Footnotes 1966-1970, the Friends of the Library Newsletter, and Books and Beyond 1996-1999, which began publication during the tenure of library ... Read more
Children's Department Scrapbook 1924-1930
Above: Santa, children and his two polar bears, Christmas Story Hour, December 24, 1927. Children's Story Hour Scrapbook 1924-1930 An over 90-year old scrapbook that bears the scars from years of handling, no air conditioning, and ceiling leaks, documents ... Read more
Orlando Magazine - The first years
The first edition of the Orlando Magazine was published in July 1922 by the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. The first twelve issues of the magazine were bound and presented to the Albertson Public Library prior to its opening in November 1923, by someone wi ... Read more