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Albertson Public Library Accession Books


Prior to the advent of computers all the books in a library were recorded in large books called accession books.

The original accession books from the Albertson Public Library still exist. They contain entries for every book added to the library collection with the accession number, call number, author, title, source, cost, and, eventually, the date the book was withdrawn. The “source” provides the name of the person who donated the book or the company from which it was purchased.

Accession Book One

The first accession book contains entries 1–10,000, and includes books gifted by Charles L. Albertson, the Sorosis Club (primarily entries 1-2000), and others in the community like George Van Meter, John H. Bentley, Mrs. Robert Howe, F. W. Taylor, the Unitarian Church, D.A.R. of Orlando, Eclectic Club, First Church of Christ, Unity Alliance, Father Michael J. Fox, Pastor of St. James Cathedral, and the Wesleyan Bible Class.

The gifts of many others are recorded only by their surname: Alden, Ange, Badger, Baldwin, Beardall, Benham, Bishopf/Bischopf, Bishop, Branch, Bretzfield, Brumbaugh, Carper, Carrier, Cavanaugh, Chapin, Christ, Cooper, Cornwall, Mrs. Craig, Curry, Fernandez, Finch, Giddings, Gray, Harper, Hart, Henderson, Howell, Jackson, Jameison, Krebs, Lane, Larper, Mather, Morgan, Nash, O’Neal, Paul, Robinson, Seymour, Smith, Stapp, Sturges, Switzer, Turfee, Underwood, Warlow, Welch, Wilson, Wright, Wurst, and Young.

For ease in viewing, the accession books below are scanned in sections. The Front matter is the same in both accession books.

Accession book one

Front Matter

Entries 0001-1000 

Entries 1001-2000   

Entries 2001-3000

Entries 3001-4000     

Entries 4001-5000 

Entries 5001-6000

Entries 6001-7000 

Entries 7001-8000     

Entries 8001-9000

Entries 9001-10000

Accession Book Two

The second accession book contains entries 10,0001–20,000, and includes the remainder of the original books gifted by Charles L. Albertson and the Sorosis Club. In addition, there are gifts by individuals and groups, including Cathedral School, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sorosis, Unitarian Church, Unity Alliance, and the Weslyan Bible Class (W.B.C.).

Entries 10001-11000   

Entries 11001-12000    

Entries 12001-13000

Entries 13001-14000   

Entries 14001-15000    

Entries 15001-16000

Entries 16001-17000   

Entries 17001-18000    

Entries 18001-19000    

Entries 19001-20000

Individual book gifts are recorded for persons named: Aberulthy, Ange, Armstrong, Baron – Le Baron, Beardall (Tales of the Jazz Age), Belage or Delage, Bell, Bernard, Berry, Borroughs, Boyen, Branch, Brokaw, Brumbaugh (entry 11454), Bures or Dures, Chase, Christadelphians, Clapp, Cline, Cobb, Cooper, Cornell, Critrican or Entrican, Dann, Dash, Darbey, Douglas, Durham, Eastin, Edwards, Ellett, Emmerling, Farley, Fathergill or Fothergill, Frank, Mrs. French, L. Fuller, Gaines, Gore, Graham, Gray, Guendler or Grundler, Hamby, Haney, Happen (?), Harris, Harrod, Hawley, Hendry, Hopkins, Irving, James, Jarrett, Kerr, Kingsley, Kollock, Krebs, Kurtz, Lamphear, Landon, La Rousseliere, Lathrop, Mac Lear, Mann, Marek or Masek, Martin, McCard, McMillan, McNeil, McShane, Merritt, Mersit, Miner, Morgan, Mott, Narubo, Newman, Platt, Poseman, Pryntz, Pyle, Renault, Rice, Rickert, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rose, Roseman, Rugeram, Sanders, Saunders, Sears, Service, Seymour, Slautish, Smith, Spielman, Spreggs, Starr, Stephens, Stephensen, Strickland, Sturges, Swearingen, Tate, Thompson, Thorndyke, Tinklepaugh or Turklepaugh,   Toles, Traham, Treller or Truller or Fuller Trumbull, Tuell, Tyrell, Van Meter, Walden, Wallace, Weiner, Weller, Whiley, Whitinght, Wilter, Wood, and Wright.

Purchased books are from Carper’s Book Store, O’Neal & Branch Company, Yowell-Drew Company are throughout, primarily in the 1, 4, and 6 sections above.

The 14000s contain notations indicating some of the books were sent to the School Department (collections in local schools) and to BTW – Booker T. Washington Library.

Read more about the opening collection at the Albertson Public Library.

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A woman's War Record

"A woman's War Record," one of the original books donated by Charles Albertson.

A woman's War Record

"A woman's War Record," one of the original books donated by Charles Albertson.

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