Albertson Public Library Accession Books
ACCESSION BOOKS Prior to the advent of computers all the books in a library were recorded in large books called accession books. The original accession books from the Albertson Public Library still exist. They contain entries for every book added ... Read more
Sorosis Club of Orlando Presents at Orlando Remembered, September 2022
                                                                                                                                                Photo by Juan Rivera The Sorosis Club ... Read more
Orlando History Through Postcards
Orlando History Through Postcards More than just being something nice to send a friend or a relative while on a trip, these postcards show Orlando through the years and offer a glimpse at what the City Beautiful looked like to tourists through the years. ... Read more
Children's Department Scrapbook 1924-1930
Above: Santa, children and his two polar bears, Christmas Story Hour, December 24, 1927. Children's Story Hour Scrapbook 1924-1930 An over 90-year old scrapbook that bears the scars from years of handling, no air conditioning, and ceiling leaks, documents ... Read more
Orlando Public Library Expansion 1982-1986
OPL Expansion from 60,000 to 290,000 square feet! From APL to OPL The Orlando Public Library was dedicated on Sunday, August 7, 1966, replacing the old Albertson Public Library which opened to the public on November 8, 1923. Compared to the old library, t ... Read more
OPL Under Construction 1964-1966
ABOVE: Photo taken December 1, 1965, looking southeast from the AT&T building on Wall Street. Notice how close the new library is to the former Salvation Army Citadel in the lower right corner of the photo. Also, visible is the former staff lounge cal ... Read more
Olive Brumbaugh - Orlando's Librarian 1923-1943
The Duties of the Head Librarian The duties of the “librarian” enumerated in Article IX of the library’s Articles of Incorporation (pp. 3-4) indicate that, in addition to serving as a librarian, the person hired as head librarian oversaw all de ... Read more
Albertson Library Staff Party - December 1963
Former staff at the Albertson Public Library were invited to a staff Christmas party on December 14, 1963. The date is significant because in September 1964, the Albertson library was demolished to make way for the new Orlando Public Library. Staff create ... Read more
Albertson Public Library Blueprints
On February 21, 1922, the city of Orlando held a bond election for funds to build a public library and other municipal improvements. The vote was 155 against and 446 in favor! PLANS APPROVED - BIDS SOUGHT The May 13, 1922, Orlando Morning Sentinel announc ... Read more
Library Scrapbook - January 1945 to January 1949
Library Scrapbook - January 1945 to January 1949 A fragile scrapbook with treasures from January 1945 to January 1949 was recently found and scanned to preserve its contents. Newspaper clippings, flyers, brochures, and photographs paint a vivid picture of ... Read more
Annual Reports - From Albertson Public Library to OCLS - 1923 to 1979
Above: Cover of the 1960-1961 Annual Report with an actual library card attached. Annual Reports The annual reports for the Albertson Public Library run the gamut from simple small reports produced in the 1930s during the financial crisis, to more elabora ... Read more
Albertson Public Library - Books and More
ABOVE:  "A Woman's War Record" donated by Captain Charles Albertson. When the Albertson Public Library opened to the public in November 1923, most of the books in the collection were gifts from individuals and organizations. A number of books were also p ... Read more