Orlando Area Elementary and High School Yearbooks
Turn back the hands of time while you peruse Orlando area elementary and high school yearbooks. Various Grand Avenue School yearbooks from 1926-2009 1924 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook- The Echo 1926 Orlando Senior High School Yearbook - Las Memor ... Read more
Orlando Senior High School 1942 Yearbook
Orlando Senior High School yearbook images are from Senior, Jet Wintter Segher's, 1942  Tigando  yearbook.  Jet's daughter donated the yearbook to the Orlando Public Library. The wishes and messages found in the yearbook were from Jet's fri ... Read more
Joe Cangelose, Supervisory Auditor at the Naval Training Center
December 22, 1981 article from the NAV-A-GATOR, on Joe Cangelose's three service career at the  Naval Training Center in Orlando. Joseph J. Cangelose first came to the Orlando Army Air Base in 1942. The base was located at the corner of Primrose and R ... Read more