OCLS Extension Department 1966 - 1983
ABOVE: Arnold Sobel at the Northgate Library in 1983. OCLS Extension Department Scrapbook Photographs of employees who worked in the Extension Department and the library Annex from 1966 to 1983, were collected and  carefully and lovingly arranged in a sc ... Read more
Breast Cancer Awareness GO PINK DAY at North Orange 2002
Go Pink Day at North Orange 2002 Staff members at the North Orange library in Apopka, under the management and with the encouragement of then manager Carolyn Rosenblum, participated with great exuberance in the annual GO PINK DAY during Breast Cancer Awa ... Read more
Becky's Goodbye Party
Becky Canonico was lead clerk at the North Orange Library for years and worked in the Orange County Library System for many more. She left in 2002 and staff across the system gathered to wish her well and express our appreciation for her friendship. Ne ... Read more