Oral History Interview with Author-Entrepreneur Erik Deckers, President of Pro Blog Service
It is on the National Register of Historic Places because of the Kerouac connection. But in and of itself, it's a 102-year-old house. It's a Sears and Roebuck kit house where you could go into the catalog and order a house and they would ship all the pie ... Read more
Zora Neale Hurston
Celebrated author Zora Neale Hurston grew up in Eatonville and is best known for her 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, though she wrote many other books and short stories within her lifetime. Early Life Born in Notasulga, Alabama on January ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Author and Historic Preservationist Grace Hagedorn
Author and Historic Preservationist, Grace Hagedorn, pictured with her husband, Fred Hagedorn. Grace Hagedorn, a Fulbright Scholar, received her education in the United States and in Austria. She is the author of Sam Stoltz, artist and builder, 1876-1952 ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Dr. Paul W. Wehr
I am Paul Wehr and I'm from a lot of different places. Born in Hamilton, Ohio lived in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida and now resident here since 1969. What was a typical Sunday like for you growing up? Sunday? Oh, well, I got ... Read more
Pine Castle Historical Society Book Discussion with Dr. Paul W. Wehr
Dr. Paul W. Wehr, historian and Professor of History Emeritus at University of Central Florida, discusses his new book: From Mosquito to Orange, the Making of a County, at the Pine Castle Historical Society Quarterly Meeting, June 26, 2016. Dr. Wehr expl ... Read more
Dateline Pine Castle with Paul W. Wehr
Listen as Dr. Wehr speaks about his new book and tells some great stories at the Pine Castle Women's Club on June 22, 2014. Historian Paul Wehr's new book:  Dateline Pine Castle: Will Wallace Harney's Stories of Central Florida, 1870-1890  ... Read more
Dr. Wehr
Dr. Wehr speaks about his new book: Dateline Pine Castle: Will Wallace Harney's Stories of Central Florida, 1870-1890 at the Pine Castle Women's Club on June 22, 2014. LISTEN Part I  (16:30)  Introductions by Ruthie Harrell, Jeremy Weinsier, and Shir ... Read more
Robert Buck
My name is Robert Buck.. I'm originally from New York and that's where I was when... in 1960 Martin Marietta hired me. I was a copy writer for an ad agency up there and they wanted me to write recruiting material. It was very difficult to get engineers an ... Read more
An Evening with the Author
ABOVE: Helen Thomas and Ben Garcia Helen Thomas visited the Orlando Public Library on Friday, September 21, 2007 at 7 p.m.  She discussed her book Watchdogs of Democracy, a critical view of journalists inability to ask the tough questions during ... Read more