Oral History Interview with Gene Hawkins
Featured photo is U.S. Senator Paula Hawkins and her husband Gene, pictured with their family and President Ronald Reagan. Pictured from left to right: Senator Paula Hawkins, Kelley Hawkins (McCoy), Jean Hawkins, Kevin Hawkins, Gene Hawkins, President Ro ... Read more
Senator John F. Kennedy and Charles Gray
Senator John F. Kennedy is pictured center stage at the Florida Blue Key Banquet at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Orlando's Charles Gray, pictured far left in his student days, invited Senator Kennedy to speak at the event. Mr. Gray ... Read more
Charles Gray Oral History Interview
My name is Charles Gray and I'm from really Orlando except that I was born in Leesburg, Florida. And I moved to Orlando in the fifth grade and I've been here ever since except in 1969 I bought a ranch in Volusia County called, we named it Gemini Springs. ... Read more