College Park Oral History Night 2023 with Educational Leader Gary Schadow
Reading is so important. I used to say to dads all the time, "Are you reading with your children?" And by the way, I have seven. I was an educator. But anyways, and I would say, "Read with them nightly. Because if all they ever see you do is sports, outd ... Read more
Robert E. Lee Junior High School
ABOVE: Alyce Blau Shames in front of Lee Middle School were she served as school librarian for 22 years. (Robert E. Lee Junior High School, also known as Lee Middle School, is now College Park Middle School.) Orlando Memory interviewed Alyce Blau Shame ... Read more
Alyce Blau Shames
Alyce and her family moved to College Park in 1949 when her husband brought a dry cleaning business to the community.  When her three daughters were old enough Alyce went back to work as a librarian, first with Seminole County and worked at the Oviedo sc ... Read more