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Robert E. Lee Junior High School

ABOVE: Alyce Blau Shames in front of Lee Middle School were she served as school librarian for 22 years. (Robert E. Lee Junior High School, also known as Lee Middle School, is now College Park Middle School.)

Orlando Memory interviewed Alyce Blau Shames on July 27, 2011 with her daughter, Jan Blau. They are both retired school librarians and they both worked at Robert E. Lee Junior High. Alyce and her family moved to College Park in 1949 when her husband brought a dry cleaning business to the community. When her three daughters were old enough Alyce went back to work as a librarian, first with Seminole County and worked at the Oviedo school but soon found her way into Orange County Schools working at Lee Junior High where she facilitated the set up of a county wide central processing service for school library materials.

LISTEN (30:35) – Interview with Alyce Blau Shames July 27, 2011


ABOVE: Alyce Blau Shames, School Librarian – photo from the 1962 school yearbook, Rebelee.


ABOVE: Members of the Board: President: Mrs. George Stuart (center); V.P.: Mrs. Floyd Wagner; 2nd V.P.: Mr. William Frangus (standing behind Mrs. Stuart); Recording Sec.: Mrs. William Chamberlain; Corresponding Sec.: Mrs. W. B. Spell; Treasurer: Mrs. C. E. Bosserman; Asst. Treasurer: Mrs. R. E. Lang; Historian: Mrs. T. E. Triplett; Parliamentarian: Mrs. H. H. Maxwell. Also pictured: Mr. Schlichenmaier (seated on the right); Mrs. Stanfield (seated left center); Alyce Blau, now Alyce Shames (far left.)


Travel back in time as you view these artifacts from the past.

1960 Robert E. Lee Junior High School Yearbook The Rebelee“.

1968-1969 Robert E. Lee Junior High School Student Directory.

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Alyce Blau Shames July, 2011

Alyce moved to the Orlando area in 1949 with her husband and three daughters. All three girls attended school at Lee Middle...

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Robert E Lee Junior High School Student Directory (1968-1969)

This is the Robert E Lee Junior High School student directory for the years 1968-1969 published by the student council. The directory lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the students along with a list of student council officers.

Comments to “Robert E. Lee Junior High School”

  1. Cindy Bowersock says:

    I just found a record album from Robert E Lee Junior High School.
    William Frangus, Principal
    Mrs. Carolyn Bischof, Chorus Director
    No date on it, but I would like to get it back to the school if interested. I have pictures of the album, but no way to share here.

    • Kim P says:

      Cindy, You can check with the school now College Park Middle School to see if they have an archive Address: 1201 Maury Rd, Orlando, FL 32804. Phone: (407) 245-1800. If they do not have an archive at the school, contact the Orange County Regional History Center. I’m sure they would be interested. Address: 65 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801 Phone: (407) 836-8500

  2. Riley Cook says:

    Looking for a1958 yearbook.

    • Kim P says:

      Riley, check with the Orange County Regional History Center and see if they have a copy. You might also check the school library or with school administration as they usually keep a copy of the yearbooks for posterity. The school address is 1201 Maury Rd, Orlando, FL 32804 The phone number is (407) 245-1800

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