Helen Gardner
Born in 1884 in Binghampton, New York, Helen Gardner was eighteen when she became the second wife of Duncan Pell, Sr., and moved to Orlando. Though the two would later divorce, Helen Gardner would go on to make successful films including the 1912 fil ... Read more
P.W. "Bill" Kanecht
P.W. "Bill" Kanecht P.W. "Bill" Kanecht was born in Illinois and moved to Oklahoma when he was a child. His family would later move to Tillman, Florida (which is known now as Palm Bay) to raise potatoes. When he was a child, his father got in touch with D ... Read more
Interview with Harry P. Leu
Harry P. Leu - Interviewed by Hatabel Hyer on June 1, 1974. Miss Hyer knew just about everyone and liked to visit and chat with them. This recording lets us listen in on one of her visits with Mr. Leu in his old age. They discuss his knack for success, ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Industrial Engineer Joseph P. Stine
My name is Joe Stine or Joseph Paul Stine I was born in Sanford, Florida in 1934. We moved to Orlando in 1939. Oral History Interview with Joseph Paul Stine, Part I  (18:10) How did your ... Read more
Harry P. Leu Gardens Pamphlets
Peruse images of old pamphlets for Leu House and Gardens under Attachments below. Listen to interview with Harry P. Leu from 1977. ... Read more