Walter Trippe, Martin Director of Research and Development
I was fortunate to be involved with a number of programs... which became major programs for the company, multi-million dollar, billion dollar programs for the company. And some of those programs are still striving and doing well today. They have a long h ... Read more
Missionary Computer Fellowship
Missionary Computer Fellowship is featured in the book: Presbyterians: a spiritual journey by Dirk Wierenga. Missionary Computer Fellowship volunteers include Orlando residents John Tracy, Bob Smith, Lloyd Riffe, and Walter Trippe who volunteer at ... Read more
Walter Trippe, Martin Director of Research and Technology
Introduction My name is Walter Trippe and I am from Alabama. I grew up in a small town called Greensboro. Went to high school there. After high school I joined the Air Force. Spent four years in the Air Force. Most of that time was at Keesler Air Force B ... Read more