Oral History Interview with Interior Designer Mandy Wannen, President of Kaleidoscope Interior Design
Photo by OCLS Photographer Amanda Murphy I was doing a lot of projects, schools for the Department of Defense. And so, I helped design five schools in Germany ... Read more
Mrs. Nils M. Schweizer and Architect Jerry Uhran Special Guest Speakers at Orlando Remembered, January 2020
Mrs. Nils M. Schweizer and Architect Jerry Uhran were the Special Guest Speakers at the Orlando Remembered meeting on January 15, 2020 in the Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library. Mrs. Schweizer is the widow of Architect Nils M. Schweizer ... Read more
Oral History Interview with Donovan Dean
I'm Patrick Donovan Dean born here in Orlando General Hospital 28 September '39. I was born here, but during the war my folks moved to Lakeland. My father, Donovan Dean, was an architect, and became the base engineer for the military base in Lakeland.They ... Read more
My Grandparents' House
My grandfather built his house. My dad gave him the property. At the time they were tearing down some of the old barracks from Pine Castle Air Force Base, this was before McCoy. I guess after WWII they didn't think they needed it, the base there. So the ... Read more
Bertie Hunt's Concord Park School Day Memories
ABOVE: The 4th grade Girl Scout Troop of Concord Park Elementary School, circa 1950. Concord Park Elementary School was truly a beautiful school... pristine white, bells in the towers, built about 1925, as Bertie Hunt remembers it from her school days an ... Read more
Architect Nils M. Schweizer Speaks at ECW Luncheon
ABOVE:  Nils M. Schweizer, renowned architect, speaks on theology and church architecture at the Episcopal Church Women's Luncheon at Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park, February 9, 1960. Schweizer started the Orlando architectural firm Sc ... Read more