George Alland: I Remember: Reflections of Eyewitnesses to the Holocaust
Holocaust survivor George Alland speaking at The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida in Maitland, December 11, 2016. This is the last program in the 2016 Holocaust Center series entitled, I Remember: Reflections of Eyewitnesses ... Read more
Oil On Beach As WWII Darkens Daytona
We were living in Daytona before my husband was drafted and we had to use a room that was blacked out because we feared the enemy could see the slightest twinkle of light... Then I remember I stood on the beach and I looked out over the ocean and I said w ... Read more
Helen Greenspun and Regina Muscovitz at Treblinka
Photo of Holocaust survivors Helen Garfinkel Greenspun, left,  and her sister, Regina Garfinkel Muscovitz, taken at Treblinka, Poland. Helen and Regina are standing in front of the grave marker for Chmielnik, Poland, their hometown. In 1942 Ger ... Read more