Ku Klux Klan
There is not much information to be found on the Ku Klux Klan members that tormented Catholics and Blacks in Central Florida in the 1920s but some disturbing mentions have been found in local newspapers and church histories. These excerpts from Edward ... Read more
Sanlando Springs, 1934
Ninth and tenth grade boys and girls from Saint James Church in downtown Orlando enjoy nature and good fun on a day trip to Sanlando Springs in Seminole County. Swimming and picnics at the springs were for many the highlight of school break and weekend b ... Read more
Saint James Cathedral: Come to Learn, Leave to Serve
Children engaged in learning at Saint James Cathedral at the corner of Robinson Street and Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, photo circa 1970s. Photo courtesy of the Mario Mesa Photo Archives. SEARCH using term "St. James" for ... Read more
St. James Cathedral... An Opportunity to Serve
"However you can volunteer to help someone enriches your life and makes it better," Mary Jane Sevick shares in this excerpt from an oral history interview at St. James Cathedral on August 15, 2011.  She and her husband, Frank Sevick, reflect on the oppor ... Read more
Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory
ABOVE: September 4th, 2011 photo of Vincent and Arline Benedetti at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory With a $3.5 million dollar budget, three research facilities, and physicis ... Read more
The Musical Life of Sister Mary Catherine Brennan
ABOVE: 1980's photo of Sister Mary Catherine Brennan who was the Music Director at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando for many years. Sister Mary Catherine Brennan served as Director of Music for Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando for many ... Read more
Community Giving: A History of Sharing Time, Talent, and Treasure in Orlando
From a $90,000 a year thrift store for the poor to soup and sandwiches for the hungry, St. James Cathedral's history of community giving is dedicated to serving the needy in our area. As an Orlando organization tithing 10% of their collection, St. James f ... Read more
122 Years of Catholic Education in Orlando
ABOVE:  May 1894. Gold medal presented to St. Joseph Academy student, Ellen Mahoney of Sanford, Florida.  Side one: Awarded to Miss E. Mahoney for Good Conduct. Side two: St. Joseph's Academy Orlando, Fla. May '94 [1894]. ABOVE:  Photo of St. Jos ... Read more
Sunday Memories of St. James Church in Orlando
The church was right downtown on Orange Avenue. Everything was right downtown...It had wonderful stained glass windows that have been saved all these many years and are still in our new cathedral that we have now. The original church was the only Catholic ... Read more
Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations!
ABOVE: 1980's photo of Joan and Bill Buning celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Community Life Center at St. James Cathedral in downtown Orlando with Jim and Cathy Steiger their daughter and son in law. Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in the Community ... Read more
The Irish Tinkers
The Irish Tinkers, a community of Irish gypsies, came through Orlando in the 1980s. Frank Sevick, Director of Religious Education at St. James Cathedral describes the nomadic lifestyle of these simple people and their welcome into the community. Lis ... Read more
Mardi Gras at Saint James Cathedral
Enjoying Mardi Gras in the Saint James Cathedral Community Life Center in downtown Orlando. Father David Page, St. James Cathedral Pastor from 1972-1986, envisioned a community center at a time when much of the population had left downtown for the subu ... Read more