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St. James Cathedral… An Opportunity to Serve

“However you can volunteer to help someone enriches your life and makes it better,” Mary Jane Sevick shares in this excerpt from an oral history interview at St. James Cathedral on August 15, 2011.  She and her husband, Frank Sevick, reflect on the opportunities given to them to serve their community and the welcoming life of the parish in downtown Orlando.

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Frank Sevick says, “St. James has aways been very welcoming to me and I think this is where God wants me to be.” As leaders of the tour for the restored St. James Cathedral which reopened in November 2011, the Sevicks had the opportunity to study the new Cathedral art and prepare docent guides. Frank says, “I think the artwork is first class…I come from Philadelphia where all the churches have beautiful artwork…”

The Sevicks have seen three renovations of the Cathedral in their years in Orlando and share, “I think I agree with so many parishioners the first and important thing was to have the Blessed Sacrament present in the main Cathedral again. There is a new sense of reverence and holiness in God’s place.”

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