College Park Oral History Night 2023 with Educational Leader Gary Schadow
Reading is so important. I used to say to dads all the time, "Are you reading with your children?" And by the way, I have seven. I was an educator. But anyways, and I would say, "Read with them nightly. Because if all they ever see you do is sports, outd ... Read more
My Diamond in the Sky
ABOVE: "Diamond in the sky" Nancy Strickland age 5, a friendly face in the Lawsona neighborhood of Orlando. One of the first memories I have of Orlando is attending Hillcrest School. The original school burned down and another school has been built on it ... Read more
Maria Luisa Ferrer Interview
Maria Luisa Ferrer recalls moving to Orlando from Panama during the 1980s when there was great need for Spanish speakers in Orlando.  At that time businesses were interested in opening up Latin American markets.  There are now many more Spanish speakers ... Read more
A Celebration of Jewish Life in Orlando
My son was born at Orange Memorial Hospital which it was called at that time. We had a circumcision in a downstairs room ...It was during Passover. And my sister in law baked a sponge cake and she placed powdered sugar over it and they served wine. And th ... Read more
Playing Bridge with Jonas Salk
"OPEN EXAMINATION" read the sign at the University of Pittsburgh announcing the opportunity for three chemists to work in the health department under Dr. Jonas Salk. Dr. Salk would choose the chemists with the three highest test scores from an open exami ... Read more
Ida Stephens-Andrews
Orlando native, Ida Stephens-Andrews shares her memories of growing up in Washington Shores. She is a retired teacher and school was her favorite activity. English was her best subject. She also worked for the Department of Health and Human Services. T ... Read more