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Maria Luisa Ferrer Interview

Maria Luisa Ferrer recalls moving to Orlando from Panama during the 1980s when there was great need for Spanish speakers in Orlando.  At that time businesses were interested in opening up Latin American markets.  There are now many more Spanish speakers living in Orlando and there still exists a need for Spanish speakers.  Bilingual ability opens opportunities for employment and prepares speakers to participate in mixed markets.

Maria Luisa Ferrer is president of the Panamanian Association of Orlando.  Part of their mission is to promote the culture and multicultural traditions of  Panama.  Maria volunteers to teach conversational Spanish at the Southeast Branch, Orange County Library System.  The class is open to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.  The program is very successful.  Students who work in businesses such as drug stores, airports, and other service industries discover that Spanish is very useful in their work.  Maria never thought Spanish would be in such  great demand in Orlando.

WATCH the video interview conducted in September 2012.

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Maria Luisa Ferrer

Maria Luisa Ferrer

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