Transition: Martin Marietta Scientists & Engineers Keeping Pace With Tomorrow
Martin Marietta recruiting brochure in book format created to lure top scientists to Orlando, circa 1960. VIEW document. Excerpt: By way of background, the Martin Company experienced a sharp transition from aircraft to spacecraft in the mid ... Read more
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, Orlando, Florida history and evolution from its origins in the Engineering Division of the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics to the Naval Training Device Center, the Naval Training Equipment Center, the Naval ... Read more
The Future of the Naval Training Equipment Center
May 27, 1985 Orlando Sentinel article, Building For Future In Military Training Naval Center Could Spur Simulation-field Growth on the move of NTEC from the Naval Training Center to Central Florida Research Park and the importance of military business to ... Read more
Cutting Edge Engineering From the Early Days of FTU to the UCF Achievers of Today
ABOVE: Photo of Dr. Benjamin Patz, computer engineer, electrical engineer, research scientist. UCF (FTU) would be starting in 69. At that time we were called electrical engineering and computer engineering. It was one department. When we went out there fi ... Read more
Physicist Robert J. Bobber, Sr. Hero of Underwater Sound Lab
Robert Bobber was considered a hero locally and a scientific leader internationally. Bobber was invited to lecture at MIT and a NATO Advanced Study Institute, as well as teaching graduate courses at the University of Central Florida and the University ... Read more
Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory
ABOVE: September 4th, 2011 photo of Vincent and Arline Benedetti at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Underwater Sound Research Division of the Naval Research Laboratory With a $3.5 million dollar budget, three research facilities, and physicis ... Read more