Remembering the Blessings with Joseph S. Guernsey
One of the strengths in our area it seems to me is the churches. There are so many fine churches in Orlando and generally speaking Orlando's a city of Christian faith. When I was young we rarely had any crime and one of the reasons we did not have crime I ... Read more
Oil On Beach As WWII Darkens Daytona
We were living in Daytona before my husband was drafted and we had to use a room that was blacked out because we feared the enemy could see the slightest twinkle of light... Then I remember I stood on the beach and I looked out over the ocean and I said w ... Read more
Purim Comes in the Springtime
ABOVE: Photo of Orlando centenarian Myrtle Skop Rutberg. "We're fortunate enough to celebrate both the secular and the religious Jewish holidays," says Orlando Hebrew teacher, Myrtle Skop Rutberg. She describes the Jewish high holidays, historical holida ... Read more
The Retail Outlook From Centenarian Myrtle Skop Rutberg
The Retail Outlook from Centenarian Myrtle Skop Rutberg Myrtle Skop Rutberg remembers when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving Day to allow an extra week of shopping before Christmas. She also recalls diagonal parking along Orange Av ... Read more