Oral History Interview with Jayne Willis, Chief Nurse Executive for Orlando Health
Good morning, my name is Jayne McMahan Willis and I was born in Chicago, Illinois in July of 1960... my father was an engineer and when I was one years old he relocated with a job to Orlando, Florida. He worked for General Electric initially and then work ... Read more
Salk vs. Sabin: The Waterlogs
ABOVE: May 25, 2008 photo of Anna Mae Patz, Advanced Calculus instructor at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando. In the evenings they would have famous mathematicians and scientists who would come...Linus Pauling came and he was a Nobel Prize winner and ... Read more
"The Way Back Home" - Cast and Crew
"The Way Back Home" was filmed in Sanford and Orlando and was produced by mainly Central Florida crew. It was featured in a showcase for local films in the 2006 Florida Film Festival. READ Interview with Ralph Clemente, production of "T ... Read more
"Way Back Home" - Film
READ Interview with Ralph Clemente, production of "The Way Back Home. Roger Moore, Sentinel Movie Critic. Orlando Sentinel, Mar 31, 2005. pg. E.1 Legendary actress Julie Harris is on a bank of TV monitors, kneeling at a grave. The scene she played unfol ... Read more