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Songs about Orlando and Florida

A number of songs have been written about the city of Orlando and Florida. Some of these can be found in the Florida Music – Orlando and Florida Music vertical files at the Orlando Public Library.

Several little ditties were apparently published in local periodicals catering to winter residents. Included is this short song, simply titled “Orlando” by an unnamed author written in the Key of G.

I know a place, a lovely place / Where skies are always blue / Where breezes blow, where flowers grow, / And friends are always true.


Orlando, Orlando, We’re all in love with you / There beneath your friendly sun a shining / Seems to me you’re just a silver lining / Skies of blue keep peeping thro’ / and smiling down on you. / I realize you’re Paradise, My Orlando.

Others on file include: “Come to Orlando” by Joe Dorio published by Joeldee Music Publishers in 1970; “Orlando Song” by Phil Maurer – Orlando’s Philosopher-Poet in the key of A Flat to the tune of “The Old Oaken Bucket”; “Hail Orlando Beautiful” words and melody by Ralph Edward Ferguson, arranged by Harry L. Parker; “Orlando” by Stella Clear of Cleveland, Ohio, to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

The frist few lines of Stella Clear’s song certainly bring back memories of times gone by. Since you know the Battle Hymn of the Republic, you can sing along:

We all come to Orlando, just to have a little lark.

There’s something doing every day out at Sunshine Park.

Friends you’ll find a plenty and you’ll love them one and all.

Here in Orlando.

There are several songs in the Florida – Music file. One is “Paradise Land at Beautiful sanlando Springs, Florida” words by Robert Hinson and music by Lew Tobin, published in 1900 by Florida Music Company, Orlando, Florida. Also in the file are the songs: “Sand in my Shoes – Daytona Beach’s Theme Song”, words and music by Bobby Lee Cude and Watie Riley Pickens, published by Cude & Pickens Publishing in 1986; “I Long to be in Florida”, words by John H. McDonald and Arthur S. Josselyn, music by Arthur S. Josselyn, published in 1925 by Alpha Music Company in Providence, Rhode Island, and “In Florida Moonlight” by Caroline H. Crawford published by B. F. Wood Music Company in 1932.

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