Saint Michael's Episcopal Church
ABOVE PHOTO: Easter Sunday morning service at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Orlando's historic College Park neighborhood. The lovely family church nestled beneath the pines at 2499 North Westmoreland Drive has a strong history of educating and guiding f...
Father Bowman Blessing the Children at Saint Michael's Church
ABOVE: Father Dick Bowman blesses the children at the altar of Saint Michael's Episcopal Church in College Park circa 1989. Reverend Richard Bowman became the fourth rector of St. Michael's Church in February 1987. St. Michael's Church services started in ...
Pounds Studio: Dance, Manners and Social Grace
Cheri McIlhenny, Marianne Serros, Terry Purpura, and Joe Hair enjoy dancing and fun as they practice their social graces learned from Pounds Studio.  Photo courtesy of Pounds Studio Archives.   ABOVE: Pounds Studio Annual Spring Formal ...