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Christmas Sharing at the Country Club

PLAYING SANTA CLAUS TO ORLANDO’S NEEDY KIDDIES: Wives of Junior Chamber of Commerce members who spent the entire day Thursday shopping for toys for the children who have written letters to the Good Fellows. They are standing with Claude Wolfe, president of the Jaycees, around the Christmas tree at the Orlando Country Club, piled with gifts bought by guests attending the first annual Christmas tree dance of that organization, on Tuesday night. From left to right they are: Mrs. John L. Murray, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Sidney Swope, who was the chairman of arrangements for the dance, Mrs. R. D. Robinson and Mrs. Maynard Ackley. Some of the gifts will also be given to another charity organization to be distributed.


Read more about the efforts of local organizations to provide gifts to needy children in the Orlando area in 1934.

Article courtesy of the William Hamer “Bill” Milligan Archives. Bill Milligan is the son of James M. Milligan

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