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Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School

Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School

From an undated brochure about the school.

The Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School is located in Orlando, Florida. This city, with an altitude of 111 feet and a population of almost 75,000, is the largest inland city in Florida. It is not only important in the citrus industry, but it is one of the older tourist and residential centers. Equidistant from Orlando and Winter Park, this resident and day school was not only founded to give these cities educational advantages ranging from kindergarten through senior high school, but it has extended its advantages to every state and territory, as well as Mexico, England and South America; therefore, its patronage is international.

The school occupies the beautiful Beeman Estate overlooking Lake Sue. This old home in its delightful setting serves as the main dormitory. Its attractive interior, with lovely paintings, beautiful furniture, mirrors, fireplaces and many books, aid the students to adjust themselves easily to boarding school life. A comprehensive health program includes riding, swimming, boating, and tennis. Scholastic achievement has been stressed since the beginning of the school. The instruction is informal but very thorough. Under experienced teachers, the upper school offers a full academic curriculum, and the lower school offers sound training in fundamental subjects –both schools are enriched by music, art, and modern languages.

Established in 1930, this school has from the beginning offered individual programs geared to the needs and interests of each student. It was founded on the principles that individual development is more important than a uniform result from all students; that frustration, delinquency and crime can be reduced by fostering the creative and constructive and so bringing larger and enduring satisfaction into the lives of all students; that education should provide preparation for life which will lead to survival rather than extinction.

Miss Seese was accepted as a member of the women’s club Zonta Orlando-Winter Park in November 1948, under the classification Education: Private, Secondary, High School.

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Ann Lisbeth Seese School - Brochure Cover

Undated brochure on the Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School.

Ann Lisbeth Seese School brochure

Featured Image. Undated brochure on the Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School.

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Comments to “Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School”

  1. Tom Langford says:

    I’m in the process of writing a book about my growing up in Orlando and all the schools I attended. I attended Miss Seese’s School from 1952 to 1954, first , second and third grades. I remember the tennis courts, the playground between the house and school building. I remember seeing the glass gazebo by the lake where the seniors were taught. We had lunch in the big house and were taught table manners. I loved going to school there.

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Mr. Langford! Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and sharing your memories of Miss Seese’s School and letting us know about your upcoming book about Orlando! Please let us know when your book is published. It would be a wonderful addition to the Florida History Collection on the 4th floor at the Orlando Public Library. THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  2. Jonathan Q. Frey says:

    I know this is my third comment, but I am at a loss to explain my feelings. she was such a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I loved her as much as family. once some years after the school closed she said she was going to leave the mansion and grounds to me. I said your family needs it more than me. that is how close we were. When she passed she called me from the hospital and I immediately flew down, but missed her by 2 hours. I came back for the funeral..They don’t make them like her anymore

    • Kim P says:

      Thank you again, for sharing your precious memories about this wonderful lady. She touched the hearts and lives of so many here in Orlando. If you have photos you would like to share, we are happy to add them to this post with your descriptions so all may read about her. Thank you again. THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  3. Jonathan Q. Frey says:

    I attended Miss Seeses school for 3 years in 1965, but visited her many times afterwards. Even have 8 km movies of her holding my children as baby’s. I was a spoiled rich wild kid. Miss Seese always had faith in me. I am a member of the new York stock exchange for52 years & own the oldest firm on the trading floor. I made a very successful life for myself, and became quiet famous and powerful in Wall Street. I owe so much of that to Miss Seese.
    I miss her

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Mr. Frey! Thank you for sharing your memories of Miss Seese and her school. We hope you will continue to share your memories of days gone by with all of us at Orlando Memory. THE ORLANDO MEMORY TEAM

  4. says:

    I went to Miss Seeses school from 1965 till 68, but visited Miss Seese many times after graduating. I even have old 8 mm movies of her holding my children. Miss Seese used to say courtesy doesn’t cost a penny. I was a spoiled rich kid. I turned my life around and have been a member of the New York Stock Exchange for over 50 years, and made a big success of my life. I credit Miss Seese for a large part of the person I became. I will never forget her.

  5. Vicki Ruggieri Furtney says:

    Aunt Ann was a great part of our lives as children.
    She and Aunt Thelma brought great memories to us as children.
    I am the proud owner of the original framed drawing of her school logo.
    I did not go to school the, but my brother Sam did, we all loved the experience of her home and their company, her brother Samuel Seese was my beloved grandfather.
    My mother was Meredith Seese Ruggieri.

    • Kim P says:

      Greetings Vicki! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about your family’s connection to the Ann Lisbeth Seese Private School! It must have been so amazing to have actually been there when the school was in session! Thank you again, for sharing your memories and family information!

  6. Mark Alt says:

    Ann Seese was my great Aunt. My mother and her sisters went to Aunt Ann’s school. My mother would bring us over every other Sunday to visit Aunt Ann and Aunt Thelma, it was a treat to have the whole school yard to ourselves. Wonderful memories.

    • Kim P says:

      Thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and sharing your thoughts. How wonderful it must have been to have an Aunt with her own school yard! We hope you will continue to peruse the posts on Orlando Memory and add your memories.

  7. mark kearney says:

    any one out there alive that went to seese high school. I graduated in 1960

    • Vicki Ruggieri Furtney says:

      She was my Great Aunt. My brother Sam went to school there.

    • Granstrom Karen says:

      I didn’t go there but lived down the street. Remember the school well. We weren’t allowed to go in but we all swam in the lake together. Fun times. There were a few places that us neighborhood kids could explore in that old school house… the cellar. Spooky but fun.

      • Kim P says:

        Karen, thank you for visiting Orlando Memory and sharing your memories! It certainly sounds like you and the students had great times. We hope you will find additional posts that bring back pleasant memories of the past, and continue to share your remembrances.

        • mark kearney says:

          I guess no one is around from 1960. I used to hang out with fellow student Palmer Boland. Sad to say he passed away January 28 2022. He lived in Gallatin Tenn. I was lucky enough to have talked to him a week before he passed. We always talked about the good times at school. I guess I am the last one left from that year?

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