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All Souls Catholic Church rectory – April 1911

The photograph is from the Sanford Herald, April 28, 1911, no page number, col. 1-2.

Parochial Residence of Father Bresnahan. The Catholic Church.

Among the many changes and improvements, that have been made in Sanford during the past six months, by no means the least was raising of the district to the dignity of a Catholic parish so great was the influx of Catholics to Sanford and neighboorhood [sic] that a resident priest was found to be absolutely necessary so that the spiritual needs of these Catholics may be attended to accordingly towards the end of October 1910 the Rev. P. J. Bresnahan formerly diocesan missionary of this diocese of St. Augustine was sent hither by his bishop to organize a new parish a Catholic census showed almost 50 Catholic families in town, and a catechism class with an enrollment of about 40 children.

The church is constantly increasing its membership and is now probably the strongest church in the city. The material improvements made have attracted the attention of every citizen. For within four months after his arrival Father Bresnahan found himself in a beautiful parochial residence erected by his enthusiastic congregation at a cost of not less than $2500. A beautiful new altar and has been installed also an organ. And now there is talk of the sisters coming to establish a catholic school on the other side of the beautiful building block owned by the church in Sanford.

According to the County Happenings column in the Sanford Herald published in October 1910, Father Patrick Bresnahan arrived at All Souls on October 23, 1910. This corrects an often repeated yet erroneous arrival date of April 1911.

County Happenings. “Will Have Resident Pastor”

Last Sunday [October 9, 1910] Father Fox officiated for the last time as pastor of the Catholic church in Sanford. This church he has served continuously for eighteen years, having received his appointment from Bishop Moore in 1892. That period of time witnessed the prosperity and the adversity of the old and the birth of a New Sanford and during it all the pastor stood by his flock. He now leaves regretfully when the New Sanford is in a vigorous and promising adolescence and when the prospects of his church are brighter than they ever were before. But these improved conditions and increased congregations make changes imperative. Hitherto Sanford was a mission, it will now have a resident pastor and be the center of a surrounding missionary field. The church will be in its normal condition with pastor and Mass all Sundays and weekdays.

A rectory, to house the new pastor, will be of immediate necessity and there is hope that at no distant time there will be erected a convent and school to aid in the work of keeping New Sanford clean, cultured, and Christian.

The Rev. Patrick J. Bresnahan, until recently of Tallahassee, will succeed Father Fox. He is not unknown to the people of Sanford, having replaced the Pastor five years ago when the latter made a trip to Europe. Father Bresnahan is strong physically, and interested in base ball and other sports. He is, too, strong mentally and morally and will be a decided acquisition to the city in the works of citizenship and civic nature.

Father Bresnahan will take possession of his charge, Sunday, 23rd inst. [October 23, 1910]



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Parochial Residence of Father Bresnahan

Photograph and article in the Sanford Herald, April 28, 1911, no page number, last page, cols. 1-2. According to the Sanford Herald article...

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