Father Richard Lyons
Father Richard Lyons was the beloved pastor of All Souls Catholic Church in Sanford, Florida from October 15, 1952 to December 30, 1965. He was the 10th pastor of All Souls and the Knights of Columbus chapter was named in his honor. It was due to the e ... Read more
All Souls Catholic Cemetery
History of All Souls Catholic Cemetery The property is purchased The indenture for the purchase of the property on which All Souls Catholic Cemetery stands was signed by the Right Reverend John Moore, D.D., Catholic Bishop of St. Augustine and a represe ... Read more
All Souls Catholic Church Sunday Bulletins
All Souls Catholic Church parishioner Paul Brefka typed the Sunday Church Bulletins for more than a decade. Prior to his death in 1977, he gave the collection to the Bogeajis family (also long time parishioners of All Souls Catholic Church) for safekeepin ... Read more
All Souls Catholic Parish History
Bishop John Moore purchased land for All Souls parish in 1881 in Sanford, Florida, however, that would not be the land upon which the first church was built. The property on which the first church was ultimately constructed was purchased on April 26, 1887 ... Read more
Ku Klux Klan
There is not much information to be found on the Ku Klux Klan members that tormented Catholics and Blacks in Central Florida in the 1920s but some disturbing mentions have been found in local newspapers and church histories. These excerpts from Edward ... Read more
All Souls Catholic Church rectory - April 1911
The photograph is from the Sanford Herald, April 28, 1911, no page number, col. 1-2. Parochial Residence of Father Bresnahan. The Catholic Church. Among the many changes and improvements, that have been made in Sanford during the past six months, b ... Read more
All Souls Catholic Church, rectory and school circa 1914
Postcard of All Souls Catholic rectory, constructed in early 1911 for their first resident pastor, Father Patrick "P.J.", the first church constructed 1887, and the school and convent constructed in 1912. It is a black and white photographic post card ... Read more
All Souls Catholic School
All Souls Catholic School celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the school in 1954. The school was founded during the pastorate of Father Richard Lyons after a fund raising campaign netted the money to purchase the property adjacent to the c ... Read more