College Park Historic Homes Tour North From Lake Adair, 1997
Lake Adair reportedly got its name in 1884, when John W. Childress bought an adjacent grove and bestowed his wife's name on the lake. The eastern border of Childress' land would have been today's Westmoreland. By 1920, that land and the area to the east w ... Read more
College Park Neighborhood Association Historical Committee’s Lake Concord and Lake Adair Historic House Tour, December, 1993
The Lake Concord/Adair area of College Park was the subject of a 1984 Historic Resources Survey conducted for the City of Orlando. In 1989, College Park Neighborhood Association Historical Committee volunteers supplemented the survey. The committee contin ... Read more
Fishing on Lake Adair
ABOVE IMAGE: Eddie Martin, age 6, with the fish he caught at Lake Adair, circa 1952. Eddie's grandparents, Joseph and Bertie Carrie Martin, moved to College Park in 1915. Grandpa and his free range chickens. College Park circa 1940s.   ... Read more