Meeting President Reagan
Central Florida resident Oliver Peters was Production Manager at WBRC-TV in Birmingham, Alabama, from 1982-1984. During that time, President Reagan encouraged local communities to create opportunities to connect unemployed citizens with companies in need ... Read more
Florida Splendid China
Florida Splendid China Theme Park, U.S.A. During the 1990s, local investors partnered with the Overseas Enterprise of of China Travel Service to build the Splendid China theme park in Central Florida which opened to the public in November 1993 and ... Read more
Grand Millennium Celebration - Reflections of Earth
A celebration was hosted at Epcot on 2 October 1999 to recognize the people who created the Tapestry of Nations parade and Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth to celebrate the new millennium. Images are of an actual invitation and guest pass used ... Read more
Church Street Station - One Family Remembers Display at Orlando Public Library
Church Street Station became an Orlando entertainment destination when Rosie O'Grady's Good Time Emporium opened it's doors in July 1974. Central Floridians and people from around the world enjoyed the music, laughter, food and fun that made CSS the stuff ... Read more
Century III - Rock N Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee
Century III Teleproductions created video history for Smithsonian's first permanent exhibition outside of Washington, D.C. - Rock N Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. When the Smithsonian Institution needed to visually capture the tempo of a vivid and ... Read more
Century III Teleproductions - 1988 Florida Production Guide
The 1988 Florida Production Guide is part of the Florida History collection at the Orlando Public Library - (call number FLORIDA 338.47791 FLO). At the time, Century III was located on Eggleston Avenue near Lee Road. This is the listing for the company at ... Read more
Century III Teleproductions - AV Video Multimedia Producer Top 100
AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine selects 100 individuals each year who represent the best producers in the business. Producers are selected who have raised the standard for non-entertainment media. Each spring nominations are requested from peers and ... Read more
Reflections of Earth - Orlando Business Journal 1999
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth is a show, performed nightly at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It premiered to the public on October 1, 1999 as IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth as part of the Walt Disney World Mille ... Read more
Century III - The Margaritaville Café and Jimmy Buffett CD Projects
Jimmy Buffett Enhanced CD Video Project  Jimmy Buffett's live album Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays (released November 9, 1999) was an Enhanced CD containing regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files - a video showing scenes of what takes place ... Read more
Pamplin-Fisher film "Hoover" - Universal Studios Orlando
Above: Movie poster advertising "Hoover". Back of poster. Pamplin-Fisher film "Hoover" starring Ernest Borgine edited at Century III Teleproductions at Universal Studios Orlando Florida. Shot on a sound stage at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando wit ... Read more
"The Way Back Home" - Cast and Crew
"The Way Back Home" was filmed in Sanford and Orlando and was produced by mainly Central Florida crew. It was featured in a showcase for local films in the 2006 Florida Film Festival. READ Interview with Ralph Clemente, production of "T ... Read more
"Way Back Home" - Film
READ Interview with Ralph Clemente, production of "The Way Back Home. Roger Moore, Sentinel Movie Critic. Orlando Sentinel, Mar 31, 2005. pg. E.1 Legendary actress Julie Harris is on a bank of TV monitors, kneeling at a grave. The scene she played unfol ... Read more