Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge
On June 8th 2016, the Denali Moose Tracks 10,000 Ice Cream Scoop Challenge took place at the Orange County Regional History Center. Free scoops of Mayfield Dairy Farms Moose Tracks ice cream were given out to each member of the community who visited th ... Read more
Bishop Henry Irving Louttit
Henry Irving Louttit, retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida was interviewed on April 9, 1975, by Bart Kimball. Born the son of a telegrapher in Buffalo, NY, on January 1, 1903, Bishop Louttit served south Florida for thirty years as a ... Read more
Norma Gettier
Hattabel Hyer presents another installment of the Pioneer Party Line. Part One is an interview with Norma Gettier.  Ms Gettier was one of the founding members of Orlando's first Christian Science Church.  Ms Gettier speaks of her childhood and format ... Read more
Viola A. Fosgate
Viola and her husband, real estate salesman Charles Francis Fosgate moved to Orlando from Boston in 1919 along with the other Fosgate brothers, Chester Crawford Fosgate (citrus grower) and Stanley P. Fosgate, drawn  here by their father, Leo E. Fosgate . ... Read more
Edward W. Fishback
Born here in 1911, the son of Davis Erwin and Lillian (Wilmot) Fishback.  In this recording Mr. Fishback reads and discusses his recollections of life here in Orlando.  This interview was conducted by James R. Spence on November 8, 1994.  We are gratef ... Read more
Charlie Finley
Charlie Finley was well known around town for the family's paint and wallpaper business but he also had a small cattle business on the side and was an avid hunter.   In the late 1930s he served the state of Florida as a Game Warden ("for 11 years") and ... Read more
The Duda Family
The Duda family arrived in central Florida in 1911 and bought 40 acres between Sanford and Oviedo.  After years of hard work Andrew Duda and his family's small farm grew to an international agricultural corporation and the small Slavac colony of Slavia, ... Read more
Jenkins Dolive
Thomas Jenkins Dolive ("doe-leave") was born in Orlando February 27, 1890 and interviewed in December of 1971 by Hatabel Hyer. He was well known to many in Orlando as were his parents and siblings.  According to Eve Bacon's Orlando: A Centennial History ... Read more
Katie Bell Demps
Mrs. Demps was known as the oldest woman in Zellwood at the time of this recording, a title she questions (in part two.)  "Oldest [child care] provider in Zellwood" she readily boasts!  This interview was conducted in 1976 for the Friends of the Orlando ... Read more
Rev. Dr. Marshall C. Dendy and wife, Nan
Dr. Marshall C. Dendy was senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando from June 1, 1942 to December 1952. Dr. Dendy and his wife, Nan, were interviewed on July 12, 1976 by James R. Spence for the Friends of the Orlando Public Library's Or ... Read more
Corbett Dodd
Basil Corbett Dodd started his own dairy business in Goldenrod at the age of 17 and served as a Seminole County commissioner for over a dozen years.  Born on February 2, 1907, Mr. Dodd's parents moved to central Florida in 1910 from West Virginia. He ... Read more
Orville Rhoads Davis
Orville Rhoads Davis came to Orlando in 1929 to serve as principal of Memorial Junior High School, which was located on Rosalind Avenue, facing Lake Eola, where The Metropolitan at Lake Eola condominiums stands today.  (Many may remember this location as ... Read more