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Merle O. Kent

Merle O. Kent

In this oral history, Hatabel Hyer interviews her friend, Merle O. Kent. Merle Kent was a local educator and a cultivator of daylilies. Originally from Tennessee, he had previously lived in Orlando but later moved to Longwood, settling in the historic district. In this interview, which was conducted on Thanksgiving Day, 1975, he discusses his move to Longwood, living in the historic district, gardening, some of his teaching experiences and more. Following her interview with Merle, Hatabel Hyer asks a few questions to one of his daughters, Jane Kent.


This interview was conducted by Hatabel Hyer on November 27, 1975 for the Friends of the Orlando Public Library’s Oral History Committee.

LISTEN 30:49


In part one, topics discussed include:

  1. Merle O. Kent’s move to Longwood
  2. Inside Outside House
  3. Bradlee-McIntyre House
  4. Longwood Library
  5. Population in Longwood
  6. Longwood businesses and utilities
  7. Gardening
  8. The Senator
  9. Daylilies


LISTEN 22:36


In part two, topics discussed include:

  1. Teaching
  2. Gardening
  3. Armadillos
  4. Playing organ in church
  5. Genealogy
  6. Short interview with Jane Kent


We are grateful for the Orange County Regional History Center’s making this recording available for Orlando Memory.


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