Mrs. Nils M. Schweizer and Architect Jerry Uhran Special Guest Speakers at Orlando Remembered, January 2020
Mrs. Nils M. Schweizer and Architect Jerry Uhran were the Special Guest Speakers at the Orlando Remembered meeting on January 15, 2020 in the Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library. Mrs. Schweizer is the widow of Architect Nils M. Schweizer ... Read more
Jo Anne Feldstein
CRASH KILLS LIBRARY VOLUNTEER By Rene Stutzman Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer April 28, 2016 Jo Anne Feldstein, 88, who was hit and killed by an SUV last week after volunteering at the Orange County public library downtown, was a New York fashion mod ... Read more
The Florida Collection
The Florida Collection at the Downtown Orlando Public Library holds many unique and interesting literary Florida gems. Items dating back to the 1800s and up to present day show hints of previous ownership, like an author's  scribbled  signature or  a p ... Read more
Orlando Public Library - Library Square Proposal
The design for Library Square was part of the Orlando Central City plan. It includes a summary on Library Square and a number of photos. To help you get your bearings, the far left corner is the intersection of Central with Rosalind in the foreground. ... Read more
Orlando circa 1968
Explore the pages of a booklet published around 1968 with information and photographs from Orlando and surrounding areas including shopping, sports venues, education, leisure, employment, real estate and more. The purpose of the publication appears to be ... Read more
The Florida Magazine - Grand Opening 1986 Expansion - Orlando Public Library
The Florida Magazine portion of the Orlando Sentinel on 6 April 1986 was dedicated to the grand opening of the new edition of the Orlando Public Library on that same date. Entitled: The New Edition - Check It Out," the entire Florida Magazine served as a ... Read more
Albertson Public Library
On November 10, 1921, Captain Charles L. Albertson, a winter resident of Orlando and a retired Police Inspector from Waverly, New York, met with the Orlando City Commissioners and a committee from the Chamber of Commerce to offer his personal library of 1 ... Read more
Remembering Dorothy Lumley Melrose and the Melrose Family
Memories of Dorothy Lumley Melrose and the Melrose family are shared by some of the family's lifelong friends, including: Alan Goforth, Richard Swann, Jane Newsom Beaty, Rodney Kincaid, Ron Strickler, Charlie Wells, and Cecil Moore. Recorded on April 16, ... Read more
Louise Collins Orlando Public Library
ABOVE: Louise is the the lady in the blue jacket. This picture was taken at the Orlando Public Library in 1973. Louise Collins remembers  her fondest memories of the city beautiful, Orlando in this oral history interview conducted at the Orlando Public ... Read more
Kris Woodson
Interview with Kris Woodson - Life in Orlando June 30, 2011: Kris Woodson talks to Shane Roopnarine about growing up in Orlando, her favorite Orlando memory, and gives us a glimpse of how things have changed in the City Beautiful. LISTEN (18:42) ... Read more
Halloween 2010 at Orlando Public Library
ABOVE: Hogwart's residents from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin were seen working at the Orlando Public Library on Sunday October 31, 2010. Note: Slytherin students should not point their wands at teachers!!! (Jen, Rod, Kim, Amanda) ABOVE: Hogwar ... Read more
Mary Lou Clutter James, FSSDAR interview
Oral history interview conducted by Orange County Library System librarian Ben Mittag with Mary Lou Clutter James, long time member of the Florida State Society Daughters of the American Revolution, recorded September 17, 2010. LISTEN (8:00) [audio ... Read more