The University Club Oral History Interview with Leon Hunter Handley
Leon Hunter Handley, I was born in Lakeland and after 30 months in the service and seven academic years at the University of Florida, I came to Orlando and I've been here ever since. Leon Hunter Handley holding a photo taken of him getting off the ship ... Read more
Donald Hickman: Director of the Pershing Missile Project Oral History Interview
ABOVE: Colonel Quill in charge of Pershing Missile training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, General Boyle, Commander of the 56th Brigade, Donald Hickman, Pershing Program Manager for Martin Marietta Orlando, and Colonel William J. Fiorentino, Army Program Manager ... Read more
Donald Hickman: Oral History Interview with the Director of the Pershing Missile Project
ABOVE: Donald Hickman, left, presents a Pershing model to Brigadier General William E. Sweet Pershing Commander in Europe. VIEW Article  The trade that President Reagan made was he'd take Pershing II's out of Europe if they would decommission all th ... Read more
Leon H. Handley: Icon of a Southern Gentleman
Oral history interview with Mr. Leon H. Handley at his law office in downtown Orlando, December 11, 2012. Growing up in Lakeland. My father joined the company that was called the Mulberry Explosives Supply Company formed to serve the phosphate mines and ... Read more
Remembering the Blessings with Joseph S. Guernsey
One of the strengths in our area it seems to me is the churches. There are so many fine churches in Orlando and generally speaking Orlando's a city of Christian faith. When I was young we rarely had any crime and one of the reasons we did not have crime I ... Read more
Earl K. Wood: 1916-2012
Photo of Earl Kenneth Wood,  "Woody" as he was known in the 397th Infantry, 100th Infantry Division where he served as Technical Sergeant during World War II. Play Video interview. Photo from video interview in September 2011 when Mr. Wood wa ... Read more
Memorial Day Remembrances: WWII Pilot Joseph S. Guernsey Recalls the Fine Orlando Men Who Gave Their Lives in WWII
ABOVE: Photo of Lt. Joseph S. Guernsey home on leave from duty in the South Pacific during WWII, Orlando Sentinel, January 28, 1943. Lt. Joseph S. Guernsey is pictured with his father Joseph W. Guernsey and his sister Miss Jean Guernsey. Mr. Guernsey s ... Read more
After the War
When Michael Monell and his wife came to Orlando in 1955, they bought their first house out in the country, what is today known as Fashion Square Mall area. Mike recalls asking his wife, "Don't you think it is too far from Orlando? Look how far we'd be fr ... Read more
WWII Veteran Earl K. Wood
ABOVE: Earl K. Wood at 2012 oral history interview. Play Oral History Video. Earl K. Wood was assigned to the 100th Infantry Division, replacement forces in the Battle of the Bulge. He put in for the Army Air Force and made it. "Woody" served 5 years a ... Read more
Thanking God for the Blessings of Our Nation
ABOVE: 1984 photo of parishioners at Thanksgiving Mass at Saint James Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Pictured front and center are Kelly Wilkes, age 2, with her mother, Jean Wilkes, holding her hand and Tom Wilkes, center, walking towards his wife. Sev ... Read more
Hamburgers in Hog's Heaven
ABOVE:  Photo of Father John McCormick at work in the office at Saint James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando, 215 North Orange Avenue. Dublin born Fr. McCormick earned a Licentiate in Theology from Angelicum University and was ordaine ... Read more
Sister Mary Katherine Palisin, Sisters of Notre Dame nun.
ABOVE: March 18th, 2011 photo of Sister Mary Katherine Palisin in front of the Tabernacle at Saint James Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando.   Sister Mary Katherine Palisin, Sisters of Notre Dame nun, remembers how her parents had a "living l ... Read more