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Charles L. Albertson

Photographs, documents and recorded memories provide us with a glimpse into the world of Charles L. Albertson – including his career with the New York Police Department (1879-1905), his life in Waverly, New York, and time spent in Orlando up until his death here in 1932.

The hand written accounts of his experiences as an Inspector, and eventually a Captain, in the New York City Police Department are priceless. His descriptions of the criminals he knew and the crimes they committed indicate that he had an interesting time in New York, to say the least.

The most in depth look at the life of Captain Charles L. Albertson up to 1905 was published on the front page of  the January 19, 1906 Waverly Free Press, his hometown newspaper.

Captain Albertson was a winter resident of Orlando for many years and in November 1921, he offered to donate his entire library, as described in the Waverly Free Press article, to the City of Orlando. The announcement was featured on the front page of the November 11, 1921 Evening Report Star.

The library named after him opened on November 8, 1923, with much fanfare as reported in the November 8, 1923 Evening Reporter Star.

The news of  Captain Charles L. Albertson’s death here in Orlando on October 28, 1932 was published on the front page of the Orlando Morning Sentinel on 29 October 1932.  That same morning, the Orlando Library Board met and drafted Resolutions of Condolence in the Death of Charles L. Albertson. It is a beautiful tribute to his life and his gift to the people of Orlando as expressed in this excerpt:

“…we pay tribute to his memory and express our gratitude through these resolutions for the duty he performed, and our admiration for the life he lived. He was every inch a man in force of character and strength, activity and accuracy of mind, yet kind and sympathetic; unflinching in his firmness and energy with a determination that knew no obstacles. He possessed dignity and simplicity, force and gentleness, fire and judgment; but never proud or intolerant; always a follower of conscience, and never yielding to prejudice; eager and yet controlled; restlessly active, but always patient; to the last devoted to the cause he loved.”

Finally, the obituary of Captain Charles L. Albertson  was published in the Orlando Morning Sentinel on October 30, 1932 p. 2 A. 

The Albertson Public Library no longer resides at the corner of Central and Rosalind but Captain Charles L. Albertson will forever be regarded as the man whose gift of books and his cherished loose leaf encyclopedia forever changed Orlando and improved the lives of her residents.

See images and documents under attachments.

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Charles L. Albertson Plaque

Plaque at the Orlando Public Library.

General Slocum Disaster

The remains of the General Slocum paddlewheeler being towed to the landing at Riker's Island, New York circa June 25, 1904. The...

General Slocum Disaster

Coroner O'Gorman and Inspector Charles Albertson (Albertson Public Library) shown on the landing at North Brother Island circa June 25, 1904 at...

General Slocum Disaster

The remains of the General Slocum paddlewheeler being towed to the landing at Riker's Island, New York circa June 25, 1904. The...

General Slocum Disaster

Photographer A. E. Dunn 1838 7th Avenue, New York. Photo of police, coroner and others on the shore of North Brother Island retrieving...

General Slocum Disaster

Photographer G. E. Stonebridge, 4143 Park Avenue, New York. Photo of Left to right: No. 2 Captain William Dean, No. 3 Inspector Charles...

General Slocum Disaster

Photo by G. E. Stonebridge, 4143 Park Avenue, New York. Photo of Cororner O'Gorman, Inspector Albertson and others on the landing at North...

General Slocum Disaster

What does the sinking of a paddlewheeler in New York have to do with the Orlando Public Library? Photographer G. E. Stonebridge, 4143...

Captain Charles L. Albertson circa 1905

Photograph of Charles L. Albertson published in the January 19, 1906 edition of The Waverly Free Press.

Captain Charles L. Albertson Dies

Mentioned: Captain Charles L. Albertson, Charles Albertson, Florida Sanitarium, Albertson Public Library, Mrs. Lillian Albertson, Lake Jennie Jewell.

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Waverly Free Press - Albertson Library - Waverly, N.Y.

The Albertson Library (Waverly, NY) is featured on the entire front page of the Waverly Free Press. The Press takes the reader room by room listing most of the titles on the shelves in the Library located in one of Captain Albertson's homes. This is historical for our own Orlando Public Library as these are most likely some of the works that were part of the collection donated by Captain Albertson to create the Albertson Public Library in Orlando.

Portrait of Captain Charles L. Albertson

Portrait of Captain Charles L. Albertson, whose personal library donation to the City of Orlando helped to create the Albertson Public Library, now the downtown Main Library of the Orange County Library System.

Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson

"The Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson", a retired Police Inspector of New York City, and a winter resident of Orlando, who had for many years been collecting books at his home in Waverly, New York and in November 1920, offered his collection to the City of Orlando, on the condition that it furnish a suitable building to house it.

The contract between the city of Orlando and Captain Albertson provided that Orlando would accept the gift of the Albertson collection and furnish the library building; that the library should be known as the Albertson Public Library; that Captain Albertson should be Advisory Superintendent of the Library throughout his lifetime; and that Orlando should suitably maintain the Library.

Captain Charles L. Albertson - Family Biography Entry

The Family Biography Entry of Captain Charles L. Albertson in the "History of Waverly, New York."

Charles Albertson Donating Books - Nov. 1921

Front page story - Charles Albertson donating books to city to form library.

The article is featured on the front page along with accounts of the festive Veterans Day celebrations around town.

Albertson Donating Books - Evening Reporter Star masthead 11 November 1921

Article announces Charles L. Albertsons offer of his book collection to the city to form a library.

Library Opens - Evening Reporter Star masthead 8 November 1923

Evening Reporter Star masthead from 11 November 1923 announcing the opening of the Albertson Public Library.

Evening Reporter Star article 8 November 1923

Article about the library open dated November 8, 1923.

Captain Charles L. Albertson - Memorial Resolution

This is a resolution passed by the Albertson Public Library Board honoring Captain Charles L. Albertson for his vast contributions to the Library. The resolution was passed soon after his death.

Captain Charles L. Albertson Obituary

Mentioned: Captain Charles Albertson, Eiselstein Funeral Home, Reverend P. M. Smock, College Park Baptist Church, Waverly New York, Albertson Public Library, Lake Jennie Jewel, Mrs. Lillian Albertson, Lewis Albertson, Caroline Stewart Albertson, Addie M. West, Lewis Albertson, Earl Albertson, Dacie Albertson, Lillian N. Barnum, Charles L. Albertson, Waverly American Legion, Albertson Memorial Building, Elmira NY Chapter Sons of the American Revolution.

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