Annual Reports - From Albertson Public Library to OCLS - 1923 to 1967
Above: Cover of the 1960-1961 Annual Report with an actual library card attached. Annual Reports The annual reports for the Albertson Public Library run the gamut from simple small reports produced in the 1930s during the financial crisis, to more elabo ... Read more
Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson
The Autobiography of Captain Charles L. Albertson provides a glimpse into the life of retired Police Inspector Charles Albertson of New York City, who  has ties to Orlando and the history of the Orange County Library System. His short piece entitled "Ra ... Read more
Captain Albertson Painting
ABOVE: Painting of Captain Charles L. Albertson by Mark French. Captain Charles L. Albertson, a retired police inspector of New York City, and a winter resident of Orlando, had for many years been collecting books at his home in Waverly, New York. In N ... Read more